The quiet town of Libertador San Martín, also known as “The Hope Hill”, was founded in 1899, amidst beautiful countryside. It is located in the province of Entre Ríos, approximately 200 miles northwest of the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital.

Throughout more than a century of growth, Libertador San Martín has kept its beauty and small town charm.

The village occupies 4.57 square miles with a stable population of approximately 5,500 people. During the academic year –from March to December- its population grows sharply, due to the students that arrive to study at River Plate Adventist University. Students come from around the globe, and contribute to the town’s unique character, diversity, energy, and spirit.

Libertador San Martín is proud to be the home of the River Plate Adventist University, River Plate Adventist Hospital, and Adventist Health Center.

The village experiences a relatively temperate climate, typical of central Argentina, with four distinct seasons. Summer tends to be hot and humid, spring and fall are mild, and winter comes with cold temperatures and the occasional rain storm.

Residents enjoy a relaxed and friendly small town atmosphere, with lots of green spaces, and abundant sunshine. It also boasts first class medical care and schools. It is no wonder that Libertador San Martín attracts many young families who wish to raise their children in this fine environment. It’s also a desirable location for the elderly who wish to retire.